The Skintex MR III blanket protects you from a lot more than a mosquito bite.

The Zika virus has created a lot of worry- and for good reason. The awful effects of the virus have created a higher risk than ever for people who are pregnant or may become pregnant. When you protect yourself with Skintex MR III products, you are protecting yourself from mosquitos carrying the Zika virus, making Skintex MR III one of the most important purchases you might ever make.

Every yard of our Skintex MR III blankets contains millions of permethrin filled microcapsules that protect against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges. The proprietary micro encapsulation process creates a slow release effect for the active ingredient, Permethrin, and doesn’t leave any greasy residue or smell associated with some insecticides.

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Currently Available Colors

Stay Cool in Warm Climates

Students in Tanzania using the Skintex MR III blanket.
Warm temperatures and heavy rainfall make some parts of Tanzania vulnerable to dense mosquito populations. 

Because the Skintex MR III blanket was developed to combat mosquito-borne disease in some of the hottest places on the planet, it’s perfect for protecting your outdoor summer adventures! The blanket is lightweight and breathable, packs up small, and can be used in many different applications. Many users of the blanket find that it is comfortable to wear even in the humid conditions which attract mosquitos.

When you add in the other various pests and insects that experience the knockdead/knockdown effect of Skintex MR III, the blanket quickly becomes an appealing accessory for hikers, campers, cycle tourists, and any family who spends time outdoors.

Skintex MR III Works

“Wow! These photos show just one night of the Skintex MRIII blanket hanging from my sliding glass door with the light on outside. The first photo shows when I put Skintex MRIII blanket up one night and second photo shows the dead bugs next morning. I was shocked by the number of dead bugs!”

– Phil