Gear and Apparel That Fights Insects For You

We are constantly expanding the range of products available with Skintex MR III technology. From blankets to apparel and outdoor gear, there are many innovative products treated with our technology that can keep you comfortable and safe.

Partner Brands

We’ve partnered with these great companies to provide you with insect-repellant clothing and gear.

Click on the logos below to buy gear, apparel, and blankets treated with Skintex MR III!


Partner Organizations

We supply services, support, and materials to help these great organizations fight insect-borne disease around the world.

The safe and convenient way to avoid bugs

Traditional bug spray can be filled with dangerous chemicals, but after extensive testing, Skintex MR III has been found to be harmless. It’s even safe for pet beds!

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you and your family are protected from insects while enjoying the outdoors together.