Powerful Repellent Technology for Textiles and Fiber Products

Skintex MR III provides a knockdead/knockdown effect for insects when they land on any textile treated with it, and is the only EPA registered microencapsulated technology based on Permethrin.

We partner with forward-thinking manufacturers, brands, and retailers who want to incorporate our technology into their products. With the planet facing the growing threat of insect-borne disease, staying on the cutting edge of repellents is more important than ever.

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• Reduce the risk of insect-borne diseases

• No bug spray needed!

• Proven safe and effective by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Brands and Retailers

• High margins for brands

• High-quality product, made in the USA

• Increased brand recognition

• Functional textile

High-speed, Continuous Application Process

Manufacturing is a proprietary, high-speed, continuous process delivering excellent consistency.

The process creates an intimate relationship between the fabric and the permethrin-containing Skintex MR III micro-capsules.

The proprietary application method of Skintex MR III has two distinct advantages

• Uniformity of application of the microcapsules across the full fabric width as well as throughout the full fabric length

• Manufacturer repeatability of application

Our proprietary application process offers the following

• Continuous manufacturing process evenly and intimately distributes permethrin microcapsules across the fabric width.

• Exhaustion process is also available.

• Efficacy proven by independent laboratory testing – launderings without efficacy loss.

• In Independent Clinical Lab testing (following WHO test methods), Military and Institutional field trials, Skintex MR III has proven to be very effective at killing disease carrying insects.

• No sensitizing potential detected in HRIPT.

A More Effective Repellent

Skintex MR III releases a highly effective repellent called Permethrin, which protects against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges. It has been widely tested and is considered the “insecticide of choice for clothing treatment” by the EPA and the World Health Organization.

Micro encapsulation is the difference with Skintex MR III. This slows the Permethrin’s release and degradation, and extends its period of effectiveness. Tests have shown a significantly lower number of bites through a shirt treated with microencapsulated Permethrin versus one that has the active padded or sprayed directly onto the shirt.

Patent Micro Encapsulation System

• Millions of permethrin filled microcapsules are proprietarily bound to every yard of treated fabric to give durability and effectiveness against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.

• Microcapsules give durability without any potential modification to the permethrin molecule.

• On average the microcapsules are 10 times smaller than the probe of a mosquito and even if a mosquito tries to bite through the fabric they will ingest a lethal does of permethrin from the fabric while attempting to bite.

• Encapsulation of the active ingredient allows for a slow release mechanism for the active Permethrin.

Facts about the active ingredient

• Permethrin is a man-made version of pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a naturally occurring insecticide coming from the chrysanthemum flower.

• “Permethrin has been extensively tested and is still considered the insecticide of choice for clothing treatment.” – World Health Organization

• The permethrin in Skintex MR III system is in a liquid form to give added protection, and clinically tested, reducing any long term exposure risks to textile, garment worker and end user.

• Will not change the color, feel or smell of the textile.

Invisible. Odor-free. Non-greasy.

The Permethrin in Skintex MR III is in a liquid form, allowing it to absorb into the fiber as the capsules break and reducing exposure levels while increasing effectiveness.

The proprietary application method allows for a uniformity of application across the fabric and gives the manufacturer an easily repeatable application.

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